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    My glorious crafty bastard adventure

    The day I received my acceptance to Crafty Bastards I cried tears of joy. I've been applying for a while and each year crossed fingers and toes. I wanted to be a part of the show so badly, not only because I've heard it's amazing experience but because I am from Richmond, VA. Being so close to home in D.C. meant friends and family being able to come see in person what I spend all my time doing....

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    Memorial Day Weekend SALE! Up to 50% off

    We are doing some major (huge) spring cleaning in the studio and have marked down all existing inventory 25-50%. 

    To help us get the word out, we are asking our Instagram friends to spread the word and share our sale post. In return, we will email a code FREE SHIPPING (good on sale AND full price/made to order items) for domestic purchases.  

    To get the FREE SHIPPING code 

    1) take a screen shot of Earth Cadets' posting regarding memorial day sale

    2) Share image on your feed and tag @earthcadets along with #ecspringclean

    3) If your account is private, email or send me an Instagram Direct Message with your screen shot of the shared posting and I'll respond with the code for FREE SHIPPING.  Make sure to include your email address so I can send you the code. 

    Valid 5/22 - 5/26 

    Please get in touch with any questions.


    Number nine and feelin' fine!

    Woah! I just remembered that this weekend marks my NINTH (9!?!) year here in Chicago.  

    Thank you Chicago for your beautiful skyline, your Pequod's and Spaca Napoli pizza, your Lillstreet Art Center which taught me screen printing and the Damen bus that got me there (all the way from Division), your temp jobs including the day gig offer to play Captain Morgan (thanks LP), your theatre scene, the corporate job that lasted 6 years and taught me so much, The Needle Shop that taught me how to sew, your Renegade Craft Fair which inspired me to move forward, and all the lovely people I've met and the friends who live here despite the winter, but most importantly, thank you for your community who supports small hand made businesses. You are a city that inspired me to do what I love and provided me with the resources I needed. Thank you!

    Launching on Earth Day 2013

    Happy Earth Day, Cadets! I am so happy to finally launch the official Having worked in the e-commerce world prior to leaving my day job to pursue Earth Cadets full time, lack of web presence has been a huge weight on my shoulders. I felt like, this is what I used to do, I should be able to launch my own site, right?! Well, fast forward a year and half later and here we are! Yes, taking this on instead of hiring out sure delayed this effort, but how appropriate that were are able to launch on Earth Day! 

    I must give a shout out to my bf, DJ for his hard work in creating most of what you see here. Please take a look around the site and stay tuned for even more updates, enhancements and exclusive Earth Cadets' products.  I'd love to get your feedback.