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    It's time for Valentine's

    I've mentioned this before, taking photos is one of the things that gets put on the back burner. When you run a one-person show, everything else seems more important, which is crazy because photos are number one.  So thankfully I finally got my priorities straight for once, borrowed some babies and did the dang thing...

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    Procrastination leads to a new product!

    Today, in true procrastinator fashion, I ignored my to do list and was inspired to create a new product inspired by collaging my printing table drop cloths, customizable stretched art pieces! You pick the palette and size and can even select Earth Cadets' designs you'd like to see incorporated. ...

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    Lemonade out of lemons or Hand made ain't perfect, y'all!

    When it comes to hand made, nobody's perfect, right? That's part of the beauty, that each piece is a little different than the last. I mean, we aren't robots or machines; we make things with love and intention.  And with that comes mistakes! In my 6+ years of printing, I have made so so so many mistakes during the process from dropping a brick on my light table (WHAT?!) to smudgy fingers ruining a perfect print.  

    But lemonade out of lemons, right?  I've printed less than perfect pieces of fabric that won't work for pillows but are too lovely to throw away that there must be SOME use for them. Enter bunting. The charming and whimsical party decor that doesn't need a party to make the day bright. This was a custom request from a lovely California customer and I think she might be on to something. So stay tuned for some of these fellas popping up in the shop; it will be the summer of bunting!